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[新聞] 政治、健康因素的衝突,阻礙了台灣洽購BN
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時間 2021/07/13 07:43:22
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路透社的報導 估狗加自翻在下面 ---------------- https://reut.rs/3kfKYH9 July 12, 2021 Asia Pacific Politics, health collided in Taiwan's tortured BioNTech vaccine talks Yimou LeeBen Blanchard https://i.imgur.com/B8HlSh2.jpg
Test tubes are seen in front of a displayed Biontech logo in this illustration taken, May 21, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration TAIPEI, July 12 (Reuters) - As talks for Taiwan to access BioNTech SE's (22UAy.DE) COVID-19 vaccine via two major Taiwanese companies reached a head last week, the German firm's Chinese sales agent put forward a template contract seeking access to Taiwanese medical records. The clause sparked alarm, as such a requirement would be anathema for Taiwan's government, long wary of Beijing's attempts at influence over the democratic island, a source with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters. "The other side did propose such a contract template, which made negotiators in Taiwan and the Taiwan government feel puzzled and troubled, but after talks, the other side stopped insisting and adjusted it in a short time," the source said. Reuters could not determine why Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd (600196.SS)sent the template, and the company did not respond to requests for comment. But the incident highlights how politics became entangled with a public health issue, laying bare wider disagreements between the governments of China and Taiwan. The BioNTech issue has challenged China's efforts to project a benign global image through vaccine diplomacy, especially after Taiwan's direct deal with BioNTech collapsed in January. Shortly after Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen accused China in late May of blocking her government's deal with BioNTech, Japan and the United States announced they would donate millions of vaccines to the island. Germany also said it had been helping in Taiwan's talks with BioNTech. CONTENTIOUS CONTRACT Fosun's contract template, a copy of which was reviewed by Reuters, stipulated that it or its "authorised representatives" should have the right to audit the vaccination process, including checking facilities and reviewing documentation. It also granted Fosun the right to collect data and interview vaccine recipients, something more akin to a clinical trial than a mass vaccination scheme. Two other sources briefed on the talks said that personal information was never going to be sent to China, and that the contract was only a template based on a deal signed with Chinese-run Hong Kong. "It was just that - a template" and a starting point for negotiations, one of the sources said. On Sunday, Fosun said an agreement had been signed to provide the vaccines to two Taiwanese tech firms, Foxconn (2317.TW) and TSMC (2330.TW). Taiwan's government allowed them last month to negotiate on its behalf, after public pressure about the slow pace of vaccines arriving. TSMC said the template was not the contract they signed, and declined to comment further. A representative for Foxconn's billionaire founder Terry Gou, who led a high-profile campaign to buy the vaccines and donate them to Taiwan's government, rejected the idea that the template was a problem, or that detailed data would have been sent to China. Other data, such as reporting on patients who have serious reactions to vaccine shots, will be closely protected, she said. "The follow-up information exchange shall comply with Taiwan regulations, protect privacy, and be used for medical purposes," Amanda Liu told Reuters. China's Taiwan Affairs Office referred Reuters to a faxed statement on June 23 in which it denied seeking to block Taiwan from getting vaccines from overseas. It said Taiwan's government "on the one hand refuses mainland vaccines and on the other blames it for the lack of vaccines on the island". BioNTech did not respond to questions about the template contract. Taiwan's Presidential Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. China's government had said repeatedly that if Taiwan wanted the BioNTech vaccine it had to do it through Fosun. Chinese state media has also relentlessly focused on how bad the pandemic was in Taiwan, though even the latest outbreak was relatively small and is now well under control. The drama has fascinated Taiwan's public and led news coverage for weeks, even as other vaccines directly purchased by the government from AstraZeneca (AZN.L) and Moderna (MRNA.O) arrive. One Taiwan-based official familiar with the vaccine talks said Taiwan arguably did not need vaccine deliveries as urgently as countries such as Indonesia and Thailand, where the virus is spreading fast. Moreover, he said, Taiwan's accusations that China earlier obstructed the BioNTech shots worked in Taipei's favour because it prompted Washington and Tokyo into action. "This was always a political not a health issue," he said. Reporting by Yimou Lee and Ben Blanchard; Additional reporting by Beijing newsroom. Editing by Gerry Doyle Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. -- 自己+哭狗簡易翻譯加減看........ --- 政治、健康因素的衝突,阻礙了台灣洽購BNT疫苗的談判-路透社報導 2021-07-12/ 隨著台灣通過兩家主要台灣公司獲得 BioNTech SE (22UAy.DE) COVID-19 疫苗的談判達 到頂峰,這家德國公司的中國銷售代理提出了一份捐贈契約,要求提供施打者在台病歷。 一位了解此事的消息人士告訴路透社,該條款引發擔憂,因為這項要求令台灣政府極為反 感。 該消息人士稱,"對方確實提出這樣的合約範本,讓台灣談判代表及政府感到困擾,但經 過會談後,對方不再堅持,並在短時間內進行調整。" 路透社無法確定上海復星提出該範本的原因,該公司至截稿前並未回應評論。 但這一事件突顯政治如何與公衛糾葛在一起,暴露了中國和台灣之間存在極大的分歧。 一月時台灣與BNT交易破局之後,對中國試圖藉由疫苗外交形塑良好形象的野心,造成挑 戰。 在台灣總統蔡英文於五月底指責中國阻擋與BNT的交易後不久,日本和美國隨即宣布他們 將捐贈數百萬劑的疫苗。 德國也表示他一直在幫助台灣與BNT的談判。 爭議合約 (經路透社審閱的副本) 1.上海復星或其“授權代表”應有權對疫苗接種過程進行審計,包括檢查設施和審查文件 。 #授權代表是誰 2.#授予上海復星收集數據和採訪疫苗接種者的權利,類似於讓台灣人當上海復星臨床試 驗的白老鼠,而不是大規模疫苗接種方案。 另外兩名與會的消息人士表示,上海復星宣稱,個人資料永遠不會被送到中國,合約只是 基於與「#中國香港」簽署的合約範本。 週日,復星表示已向兩家科技公司簽約提供疫苗。在疫苗到貨緩慢的輿論壓力下,台灣政 府上個月允許他們代表台灣進行談判。 台積電表示,該範本不是他們最終簽署合約的版本,並拒絕更進一步的評論。 富士康創始人郭台銘領導了一場高調的疫苗購買並捐贈台灣的運動,他的代表劉宥彤否認 範本有問題或個資會被送到中國的想法。 劉宥彤說,其他數據將受到嚴密保護,例如病患對疫苗注射有嚴重反應的報告。而後續的 資料交流應遵守台灣法規,保護隱私並且用於醫療目的。 國台辦在6/23向路透社傳了一份傳真聲明,否認試圖阻止台灣從海外獲得疫苗。他們說, 台灣政府一方面拒絕大陸接種疫苗,另一方面將島上缺乏疫苗歸咎於大陸。 BNT沒有回應有關合約範本的問題。台灣總統府也沒有立即回應評論。 中國政府一再表示,如果台灣想要BNT,就必須透過復星。中國官方媒體,如新華社、環 球時報,也持續強烈地關注台灣的疫情有多嚴重 ,儘管台灣最近爆發的疫情,相對其它 國家的規模非常小,現在也得到了很好的控制。 一位熟悉疫苗談判的台灣官員表示,「台灣可能不像病毒傳播迅速的印尼與泰國等國家, 那樣急需交付疫苗,所以無須被迫簽下出賣台灣人利益的合約。此外,臺灣指責中國阻撓 BNT對臺北有利,因為這樣促使華盛頓和東京採取行動。這始終是一個政治問題,而非健 康問題。」 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Gossiping/M.1626133405.A.D2F.html ※ 編輯: VIIBlack ( 臺灣), 07/13/2021 07:44:49
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